Websites – as Promised

Good Websites

To create and manage a good website takes a combination of creative skills to ensure that the website's message is conveyed effectively via a pleasant user experience and solid technical skills to serve as foundation for the website.  With more than two decades of experience Promissio is able to provide all the required skills – as promised.

Creative Components

The language used in a website must be clear and concise in order to accurately convey the intended message and to elicit the desired action from the visitor.  Using correct spelling and grammar enhances the website's image as well as that of the website owner.  Finally, packaging it in a well-designed, easy-to-follow and optimally illustrated layout – without "features" that distract and frankly irritate – serves to ensure a pleasant experience for the visitor.  The result is bound to be a visitor who not only returns but sends other visitors.

Technical Foundation

A good technical foundation will result in a website which is very fast, always available, easily found and comfortably viewed.

At Promissio we ensure very fast websites by constructing and programming them directly in modern industry standard languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP).  Our websites are always available because we host them with Xneelo in the biggest, best and most secure hosting data centre in South Africa where state-of-the-art technology ensures that those websites are always online, secure, backed up multiple times daily and protected from unwanted intrusions.

The websites we create at Promissio are easily found because we construct them, according to Google's own guidelines, in such a manner that they are optimally recognised and indexed by the Google search engine without requiring any tricks or search engine optimisation (SEO) at additional cost.  They are also comfortably viewed because we design all websites to be responsive, meaning they dynamically adapt to the screen size and layout (portrait or landscape) of the device they are viewed on, whether it is a small smartphone or a wide computer screen.

How Much Does It Cost?

Asking "how much does a website cost?" is, unfortunately, a bit like asking "what does a house cost?" because there are so many factors to be taken into consideration.  It is impossible to give a "standard fee" without making wild assumptions or possibly hiding some costs.  It all boils down to exactly what the prospective website owner wants to achieve with it.  To find out what it is going to cost to set up and manage the website you have in mind, please Contact Us and we will gladly guide you through the process.  And, if necessary, we will make a plan to make it all fit into your available budget – you are bound to be surprised at just how easy and affordable it is!

Backup and Support

One of the secrets to a successful website is that it must remain up-to-date.  To this end we provide a hassle-free channel for assisting our customers with quick updates or changes.  And, just to make sure everything carries on working as expected, we have procedures in place to monitor all our customers' websites on an ongoing basis and provide monthly reports to illustrate trends with regard to visits to their websites and how people found them on Google.


To see some of our current live websites in action – apart from the one you're looking at, of course – follow one of the links below:


We are hard at work on a number of exciting websites for customers.  Links will follow soon!