Online Shops – as Promised

Special Kind of Website

An online shop is a special kind of website.  On the one hand it remains a website and needs to meet the requirements of good websites but, on the other hand, it is in essence also a software system.  As such, creating and supporting an online shop requires both solid web design skills and solid software development expertise – a combination Promissio is able to provide.

Cost Scaling

It is true that an online shop can indeed be very expensive to own, but this usually applies to online shops with very special requirements for which special enhancements need to be implemented.  We realise that most customers, especially those setting out on new ventures, just need a basic online shop so that they may get going and generate some revenue to use for further development.

To provide for such customers, we offer a basic "vanilla flavoured" but fully functional online shop – one we can set up very quickly and at very low cost to the customer.  We can do this because we make use of PrestaShop's excellent open source – free – software which powers more than 300,000 online shops world-wide.  We do charge a monthly management fee but this is linked to the online shop's turnover, meaning that if you don't generate much revenue, you won't have to pay us much! And then, once you are running at full speed, we can start looking at more costly enhancements.

Talk to Us

We know that each customer has a unique story and we like to take that into consideration when implementing online shops.  Please Contact Us to find out how we can help you!