The Case for Custom Software

Buying off-the-shelf software may seem to be the cheaper option over having software developed but it so often ends up not meeting the requirements it was purchased for.  Then one invariably ends up either having to limit the way you do business to what the software is capable of, or you make up for its shortcomings by adding processes based on paper or spreadsheets and the like.  Not only does this consume extra time and effort but it opens up your systems to errors due to the same information having to be maintained on multiple platforms.  This makes generating management information a nightmare and, before you know it, you have wiped out what you "saved" on going for the off-the-shelf option in the first place!

The Promissio Advantage

Our strength lies in more than three decades of experience in software development in a wide variety of environments including financial management, manufacturing, computer-aided education, hardware diagnostics and many more.  We take pride in our ability to accurately analyse our customers' requirements and then designing and building software that adapts to them, and not the other way around.  Our experience enables us to select technological solutions that most effectively solves our customers' problems, instead of trying to make their problems fit our preferred technology.

The Budget

There's no denying that custom software development can be a costly exercise and, as such, it needs to be done properly to ensure good returns, something we are confident we can do.  We want our customers to feel in control of projects and budgets and therefore structure our projects in such a way that customers never feel locked into something they can't get out of.

To find out how we may be able to help you with your unique requirements and within your budgetary constraints, please Contact Us.