Custom Software – as Promised

The Case for Custom Software

When you need to manage business processes, buying off-the-shelf software seems to be the cheaper option – when looking at its purchase price only – but it so often ends up not meeting the exact requirements it was purchased for.  The result is that you invariably end up either limiting the way you do business to what the software is capable of, or you make up for its shortcomings by adding paper processes, spreadsheets, word processors, project management software and the like.  There are many drawbacks to this approach.  It opens up your system for errors due to the same information needing to be entered multiple times.  It consumes time and effort to get all the parts synchronised and "talking to each other".  A major drawback is the time it takes to assimilate management information into usable reports.  Add up the costs of the resultant loss of productivity over many years, and before you know it, you have wiped out what you "saved" on going for the off-the-shelf option in the first place.

Custom software, when it is professionally designed and developed, puts a powerful productivity tool in your hands and keeps you working cost-effectively.

The Promissio Advantage

Our strength lies in our more than three decades of experience in software development in a wide variety of environments including financial management, manufacturing, computer-aided education, hardware diagnostics and many more.  We take pride in our ability to accurately analyse our customers' requirements and then designing and building software that adapts to them, and not the other way around.  Our experience enables us to select technological solutions – like a database system, a programming environment or a report generator – that most effectively solves the customer's problem, instead of trying to make the customer's problem fit our preferred technology.  In addition, our experience with a range of commercial financial packages often enables us to link our software to them so that manual re-entry of accounting data is not required.

We love taking on complete projects from the initial requirements analysis to final implementation, but our expertise is such that we are able to take over and finish existing projects or even make changes to software that has already been implemented.

The Budget

There's no denying that the development of custom software has the potential to be a costly exercise and, as such, it needs to be done properly to ensure good returns, something we are confident we can do.  In addition, we also like to make use of the really good and very widely used open source development tools and database software that are available these days in order to minimise both our overhead costs and the implementation costs for our customers.  We also like to come up with creative plans for making the exercise as affordable as possible for our customers.

To find out how we may be able to help you with your unique requirements and within your budgetary constraints, please Contact Us.