Company Information


Promissio (Pty) Ltd, with our name taken from the Latin word meaning "the promise" or "the act of promising", and our honeycomb logo signifying the promise of reward for diligent work, is the latest phase in the life cycle of a company which was originally founded in September of 1994.  The company was originally meant to specialise in software development, but market forces pushed it more towards managed services outsourcing and this continued until early in 2010.  Thereafter followed ten years, functioning as a sole proprietorship, during which a lot of soul-searching, experimentation and research and development happened.  Finally, Promissio was born in 2020 as a way of "getting back to our roots" – our roots being professional software development, but now applying that expertise to web design and development too.


Promissio's founder and managing director is Graham Johnson who has been involved in the software and information technology world in some manner since 1985.  He holds a BSc degree, majoring in computer science (software engineering) and mathematics, from the University of Pretoria, where he was one of six finalists in a software development competition for final-year students.  His first software development experience was gained on DOS-based PCs but over the years his repertoire of development environments has diversified dramatically to range from low-level assembler systems up to artificial intelligence and from local data tables up to cloud-based national database systems.

In his spare time Graham is often found on or next to a hockey field where he is the head coach at Nova Hockey Club.