Cloud Solutions – as Promised

The Best of All Worlds

Cloud computing and cloud applications represent the latest iteration in the development of the software engineering world.  Put very simply, it combines the strengths of a number of technologies – software development methodologies, low-cost but highly available processing and storage resources, the accessibility of the Internet and the wide range of devices that can connect to it, to name but a few – into truly integrated and all-encompassing solutions for the challenges faced by modern enterprises.

The Cloud Challenge

The seemingly endless possibilities come with serious challenges.  The old saying that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" is painfully true when it comes to building cloud solutions – if any of the many components involved is badly implemented, it brings the whole system down.  For example, looking at the very first link in the chain, there is always the danger of "moving to the cloud" just for the sake of being able to say so – the business case, resulting from effective requirements analysis, must always dictate the technological solution to a problem and not the other way around.   Other links in the chain involve, for example, designing the interface whereby the user must interact with the whole system or selecting a data storage and back-end processing host.  It is clear that the exercise requires expertise in a wide range of technologies.  Only companies with good experience in all the different components of a cloud solution, like Promissio, will be able to put them all together successfully.

Where to Start?

The first step is to have a chat where we have a good look at the challenges faced by the enterprise and, once we understand those challenges, to start looking at the best combination of technologies for addressing the challenge.  If you want to have such a chat with us, please Contact Us.