Web, Software and Cloud – as Promised


These days, having a presence on the Internet – perhaps simply for sending and receiving e-mail, perhaps to showcase your business on your own website or perhaps to sell products via an online shop – is a necessity for any enterprise that has something to offer, whether you are offering it to the world or just the local community.  However, simply being "on the web" is not good enough any more – you need to put some thought into doing it properly if you want to achieve results.

By offering all the creative and technical skills required for building good websites, Promissio can ensure that you will achieve what you set out to!  More...

Custom Software

Many enterprises have very specific requirements with regard to how they do business, either by virtue of the nature of what they do or in order to comply with contractual and/or legal demands.  These specifics are seldom fully addressed by off-the-shelf software, leaving one of two options: either combining off-the-shelf software, spreadsheets and manual processes into a cumbersome system or having custom software developed to address all requirements exactly.

More than three decades of experience, backed up by good academic training, positions Promissio perfectly to help you get the most from custom software.  More...

Cloud Solutions

The proliferation in infrastructure and the dramatic improvement in capacity and speed over the last decade has made the cloud a viable alternative to in-house servers, networks and installed software.  Add to that the fact that the ease-of-use of modern mobile devices puts access to the cloud literally in our pockets, and suddenly it is possible to work from anywhere in the world without any special equipment.

By combining our web design and software development skills and experience, we at Promissio have just the right credentials for building cloud solutions.  More...